Friday, January 17, 2014

27: Making a brochure with Publisher & Wrap up for 1st Semester = 1 Elective Credit

Back to Publisher where we started the class with a business card... now we are going to remember this semester with the brochure of your schedule....

goto Publisher use a set brochure template to help you create a 'My schedule' brochure. due Thursday. 1/23/14



The last entry is to Reflect on the entire semester… (Sept 2013 to Jan 2014)
We used 5 software… write about your experience with each. Conclude with what you will take with you as you prepare for your next elective course. You will be earning 1 credit.
HW: Fill out the check list base on your blog. Get the parent signature over the 3 day weekend. Monday is MLK.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

26: Test - Showcase your favorite merchandise (4 days to complete due 1-16-14)

Since you completed the Quiz… here’s the Test link
Showcase your favorite thing. Different views of the same item under spot light in a showcase created by Photoshop. You have up to Thurs to finish. Please send daily progress…
Monday: set up the room Day 1.
Tuesday: set up the room Day 2.
email .psd for the 100 points.

1.Post the room (you can download from the email you sent me). Explain how you earn your first possible 100 points.
2.Problems you encounter in part 2 to complete the project. If you asked a question or more… what were they? How did you solve it? Possible 100 + _____ = ________for the test.

Wednesday: set the spot lights. Finish one set today! 
                                                                             LINK all light layers to move them as a group...

(hint: use GROUP to duplicate the other lights)
Thursday: showcase the merchandise. after you have all 3 sets of light

add merchandise

earned the other 100 points... total 200 points!

Friday: reflect on what you learned this semester.

showcase your phone or your favorite thing. (3 different views - front, back and side)                 Link:

Next week is Finals week after MLK holiday. We have 1 more assignment and  extra credit work to pick up your grade.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

25: Animation Button (Happy New Year! Welcome back)

In Animation : Bonus have your name light up... use the same instruction and alter to make your name glow!
this marking period use (green color, not red) DUE Jan 8, 2014

Learn How To Create A Simple Glowing Animation
Day #1: creating the button with Aluminum effect.
Day #2: Grouping and adding the green glow
Day #3: Animating the on and off button

Learn How To Create A Simple Glowing Animation

Photoshop is a powerful tool, not only does it have the ability to edit and manipulate photos it also has the ability to animations. In this tutorial I’ll be walking you through the process of creating a simple animated glow effect. =)

next #26 showcase your phone or your favorite thing. (3 different views - front, back and side)                 Link:

Monday, December 16, 2013

24: creating a 3d viewing of your gingerbread house

Back to Photoshop!
By separating the RGB channels - red and blue to be exact, to create the illusion of "3D" click the picture for instruction. Due 12-20-13

that's it for for 2013.... see you in 2014!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

23: Gingerbread house email to NEW email:

Last week of 2013: Make a gingerbread house from scratch.... Due 12-18-13


Post the original picture to your blog so you have your own online handout...
when you are done please export the front ISO and back ISO and 
put them together using Photoshop with label

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

22: 12 Blocks with Precise dimensions followed by a Quiz

22: count each "diamond" box as 1 foot 
recreate each of the following blocks with the correct measurement.                               
12/3/13 = block # 1 ... 12/4/13= block # 2... 12/5/13 = block # 3... 12/6/13 = Block # 4
12/9/13 = block # 5 &6 ... 12/10/13 = block # 7 & 8... 
12/11/13 = block # 9 & 10... 12/12/13= block # 11 & 12  
12/13/13  QUIZ => Quiz email to
you may want to save this diagram on your desktop "count" the "Diamonds" easily. ask for a hard copy if that's easier for you.

go under window and click on instructor if you get stuck with a tool button.

getting the precise measurement:
after you set the view needed to draw the face of the block. click on line tool and then type in the dimension box (lower right corner) to type in the desired measurement. For example if you want a vertical line that is 5 feet tall, then type 5' (' = feet). 
(click on a starting point and move your mouse towards the direction you want the line to draw...then type the measurement. like block #1 =LxWxH of 8'x 5'x5')

Monday, December 2, 2013

3rd Marking Period starts Googles Sketches #21a, b, and c

Introduction to Google Sketch Up .... you can download your own version! Google SketchUp 
----->V............Look for the red staircase on your desktop

Assignment 21 A: Set the screen to front view
Practice with the basic tools. Export to JPG to upload into the blog.
set in front view then draw the shapes #21A followed by the "push & pull" tool for the 3D Objects #21B
Now you ready to try and draw your own name in "bubble letter" for #21C

when you are done email all files .skp & Jpeg 
with the correct subject: 
TZS11-02,5,6,8 Your Period / Name #21 a b and c